Example NMEA-0183 Sentences

Here's a log of the Raspberry Pi Multiplexer's output I wrote about previously.


This is a great resource to get each sentence's definition, although you will find the MDA sentence here.

The "PFEC" sentence is a proprietary sentence used so that my Furuno RD30 display can read roll and pitch. I use the free NKE Marine Electronics app on my phone to display everything, so I include a few XDR sentences so that it recognizes them (same with GPVTG).

Out of curiousity, I'm going to compare the costs here between a DIY setup and a professional one (minus all the blood and sweat of course).

DIY Setup

Atmospheric Sensor $15
DST800 $250
Raspberry Pi $40
Assorted Cables $100
Total $447

Professional Setup

Airmar 220WX*
Regatta Processor** $8,324
NMEA WiFi $461
Total $10,189

* the Airmar 220WX has a compass, accelerometer, GPS, and weather station all in one unit. However, I personally don't think having a GPS at the top of a rocking mast will produce very good GPS data

** the Regatta Processor calculates the VDR sentence, or Tidal Set and Drift (speed and direction of the ocean current)

By doing the work yourself, it'll cost you about 4% of what a professional installation would cost (granted, if you're doing professional work, you should definitely get a professional setup).

Well that's pretty cool. Next up is to make an NMEA wind instrument like this or this ultrasonic wind sensor.


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